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With over 25 years experience we have successfully built bespoke applications to satisfy specific business requirements in a variety of industry sectors. Many of these systems also provide sophisticated reporting and querying tools and packaged back end accounting systems such as Sage.

Bespoke System Development

Choosing a custom-built software application from Software Systems offers the following advantages over "off the shelf" packages:

  • By thoroughly analysing your requirements, we design solutions tailored exactly to your needs and the way your business operates thus offering competitive advantage;
  • You own the application: the cost of development, upgrades and support is within your control;
  • The software can grow and change as the needs of your business change;
  • Technical support that understands your business and provides a solution specifically for you.

With the experience of our developers, we are able to build and deliver powerful systems based on the .NET Framework and the SQL database management system. we also offer services with the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Access;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Microsoft Visual Studio;
  • Oracle;
  • Java.