Network Consultancy Services

Network Consultancy

Today's business environment demands that small businesses do more with less. The majority of small businesses have limited IT resources, employees, and time. In any business, it is critical to protect and organize business information, communicate professionally, and make the most of existing computers and equipment. Introducing the right technology can help you accomplish these goals and save you time and money.

Software Systems Europe can provide and support a complete and affordable network solution. You can have confidence that your data is secure. Unlock new productivity from your desktops, empower your employees to do more, and connect with your customers like never before.

Increase productivity and save money

  • Share resources such as business software and Internet access, and equipment such as printers, phone lines, and fax machines;
  • Improve collaboration through an internal intranet that enables employees to share files and documents, coordinate schedules, and work together on critical projects;
  • Run multiple applications more efficiently and store large amounts of data without slowing down your computers because of 'system overload'.

Our Services

We can provide you with a number of services to suit your business and your networking needs:

  • Factory and Office Cabling (CAT5 Coaxial and Fibre-Optic);
  • Installation, Configuration and Support for the latest Business Networking Software;
  • MS Exchange;
  • MS Outlook;
  • MS Small Business Server;
  • MS Windows 2003 Server;
  • MS SQL Server;
  • Data Integrity, Data Security and Data Backup;
  • Wireless Networking Solutions.

We can connect sites together over a large distance using the internet (Virtual Private Network). Your business files and any files from your home PC can also be accessed using Remote Connection and Virtual Networks. Technical Support on any aspect of your network is available.

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