Medical Legal Systems

The Medical Legal System

Software Systems Europe Ltd has developed a very modern, efficient, easy to use computer system for Medico legal environments.

If you are a solicitor, agent, consultant doctor and you operate a business along the lines of personal injury and accident case claims our solution could be ideal for you.

Due to a recent demand for Medical Legal Systems software, we have developed a new powerful piece of software known as 'MLS', or the 'Medico Legal System'. As a powerful case management system, MLS provides businesses within this sector a tool to handle all aspects of their company. It is multi-platform based. Licences are available for anything from single use PCs to fully networked systems.

MLS Key Features

  • Enhanced Security: We have managed to update and upgrade our security routines, so users can respect The 1997 Data Protection Act;
  • Case Management: A fast and powerful way to manage all cases entered into your system;
  • Accounting: A fully integrated invoice accounting section, including an export feature to sage accounting;
  • Experts' Management: Software Systems has developed a full expert management feature into the MLS, so users can manage them without leaving the main software;
  • Paper Free: Due to recent developments from Software Systems and rate of technological evolution within the last few years, many people want to run companies paper free. The MLS system provides a full email system, PDF conversion and file import, thus keeping paper usage to a bare minimum;
  • Solicitor Management: As is the case with Experts' Management settings, we have developed a fully-integrated solicitors' management system, simplifying the end user's job;
  • Third Party Insurer: If the user's company uses a third party insurance scheme, MLS includes their management facilities within the system itself;
  • Online options: We have also developed a small line of extensions for MLS suitable for online operation and integration.