Manufacturing Control Systems

Manufacturing Control Systems

Efficient and effective monitoring of each manufacturing process, either one at a time or several at once.

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Production Control

Enables work-in-progress problems to be pin-pointed allowing corrective action to be taken. The module provides users with an overall view on what is happening, will happen and has happened across production sites.


  • All screens completely tailorable without modification to the basic application;
  • Raw material allocation;
  • Work-in-progress tracking;
  • Efficiency Analysis;
  • Quality control;
  • Subcontractor functions.

Material Requirements

Material requirements planning generates a detailed and accurate planning material plan. The module enables every element of supply and demand to be resolved, significantly helping in planning more efficiently.


  • Multiple companies supported;
  • Resolves supply and demand on a daily basis;
  • Safety stock levels are protected;
  • Users can set up reports and consolidate schedules over time periods;
  • Purchase orders are scheduled by expected or promised date.

Production Definition

Provides the core of information for an organisation's production management system. It maintains a single database of materials, manufacturing methods, machines, resources and operations.


  • Multiple currencies supported;
  • Flexible bill of material and route copying facilities make maintenance easy;
  • Multiple production methods can be defined for a product;
  • Flexible control of production documentation printing is included;
  • Wastage costs are fully supported.

Balance to Produce

Allows planners to create and manipulate production and purchasing plans. Multiple plans can be held simultaneously for different views of an enterprise. For example, one for each manufacturing site as well as a consolidated plan for company.


  • Supports multiple companies;
  • Resolves supply and demand on a daily basis;
  • Summary and detailed supply and demand schedules show the net available through the planning period. These can be displayed or printed.
  • Shifts can be defined with default and variable by day maximum and standard shift lengths and capacity;
  • A single period bar chart is also available for machines in a single work centre and for labour skills in labour department.

Source Purchasing

Source Purchasing has been developed to reflect the trend of more and more products being source, frequently from abroad and all of the complications that this entails. It fits equally as well with businesses that buy free on board (FOB) and those who work on a cut make and trim (CMT) basis.


  • Full matrix support at style, colour, size and fit;
  • Allocation to customer orders;
  • Bulk purchase orders;
  • Order status control;
  • Event tracking with automatic schedule creating from a template and built in escalation;
  • Quality control;
  • Full currency support;
  • Supplier performance calculations;
  • Credit and debit creation.

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