Manufacturing Control Systems

Manufacturing Control Systems

Efficient and effective monitoring of each manufacturing process, either one at a time or several at once.

Sales Analysis

Allows creation of the user defined 'views' of the sales data so that sales performance can be measured at any level and trends in business identified. Significantly, the application can be applied to both delivered sales and the order bank.


  • Full matrix support at style, colour, size and fit. For furniture, model unit, cover colour;
  • Modular database: can be built to meet user requirements;
  • Integration with data warehousing functions;
  • Reflects actual demand instead of estimation: this allows forecasting based upon actual requests instead of company supply.

Fast React

Provides a quick, simple and visual means of scheduling and loading orders against factories, production lines, machine types or any other key manufacturing resource. It also allows a graphical overview of your whole business and potential problem areas in one simple click.


  • Interactive Finite Capacity Planning and optimised planning;
  • Interactive Order Scheduling and accurate delivery forecasting;
  • Graphical or printout Skills Balancing and identify problem orders;
  • View order History and monitor commercial targets;
  • Financial Reporting;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Password and security level control;
  • Material planning

Stock Control:

Our stock control software underpins all distribution, manufacturing and procurement modules. Products are defined centrally and then used throughout the system. Stock control can be implemented either as in a bin location system or through a fully automated bar-coded warehouse.


  • Automatic reordering;
  • Age of stock analysis;
  • Quality control;
  • Support for customer returns;
  • Barcode scanner integration for a paperless warehouse

Sales Order:

Sales Order Processing is a highly functional and configurable module for distributors and manufacturers especially in the apparel and footwear industries. The application provides a comprehensive suite of order entry styles to suit many business processes, from a stock holding telesales operation to contract sales with organisations selling to major retailers.


  • Sales Promotions;
  • Email and Fax;
  • Stock Availability;
  • Invoice frequency;
  • Bulk or order picking;
  • Over and under delivery.

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