Personnel Systems

Human Resource Systems

Our system ensures both efficient and effective monitoring of each individual resource. It is also able to monitor many aspects of their work cycle such as salary or working hours.


  • View employees' details via the system to manage and maintain their data effectively from personal details to qualifications and attendance;
  • Print employee details for documentation and back up;
  • Manage employee absences and holiday arrangements.

Advanced Reporting:

Our personnel system can produce a wide range of printable reports:

  • Employee statistics;
  • General employee details printout;
  • New starters;
  • NI Number listings.

Job Details

  • Job grades;
  • Employee listings by location or department;
  • Previous job history listing.

Service Reports

  • Employee date of birth listing;
  • Employee length of service listing;
  • Employee retirement date listing;
  • Terminated employees listing/terminated reasons report;
  • Leavers by length of service report.

Contracts and Letters Reports

  • Probationary Period listing;
  • Employee Status Report;
  • Non-Permanent Contract expiry date report;
  • Employee Contract letter printing;
  • New Employee Questionnaire.

Benefits Reports

  • Allocation of company cars;
  • Listing of employees with company pension;
  • Listing of employees with other pension;
  • Listing of employees eligible for pension but declined.

Disciplinary Reports

Medical Reports

  • Doctors Appointment Attended;
  • Medical Certificates Requested;
  • Appointed First Aiders' listing;
  • Additional Roles listing;
  • Key Holders/Alarm Codes.

Attendance Reports

  • Individual Attendance Report;
  • Absence by Department;
  • Annual Absence Report;
  • Monthly Absence Report.