P2D Designer's Database

Designers Database

The database enables designers to build up a full specification of products from furniture, cabinets, and garments to home furnishings. In addition the system automatically produces Marks & Spencer Contract Seals, Next Gold Seals and other retailers such as BHS, Laura Ashley and House of Fraser etc.

Who can benefit from using the database?

The database has been designed to aid furniture designers, allowing them to become more efficient, as a result of spending less time duplicating critical data and specification data.

What are the key features of the system?

The system is a database designed with a spreadsheet feel, with a multi-user facility which has been written and designed within the powerful database environment of Microsoft SQL Server.

The key features and benefits of having p2d installed within your business include:

  • Seasonal size by shape charts;
  • NPID (New Product Information Documents);
  • Size chart analysis;
  • Integral photo image selection tools;
  • Fabric range (new, current, old);
  • Marks and Spencer Contract Seals/Next Gold Seals etc: reports can be produced in Excel format and sent via E-Mail using integral functionality;
  • Stroke Matrix (for M&S manufacturers);
  • Leather split specification image indicator;
  • Flexible template design for customer ranges and units;
  • Operational methods sheets.

How can it improve efficiency between seasonal changes?

It allows flow of information between seasons and easily allows new products and changes to be adopted quickly. Seasonal changes include:

  • An ability to highlight models/shapes and fabrics for cancellation;
  • An ability to flag products to continue supply for the new season;
  • Editing facilities, enabling you to add new models, fabrics, etc;
  • Editing facilities, enabling you to add new units available for each model;
  • The ability to build up new fabric data for new models.