Personnel Systems

Quality Assurance

(IPAQ Quality)

A Quality Assurance System (QAS) is a formal management system used to strengthen companies and organisations. It is designed to promote, monitor and evaluate continuous improvement of the provision, company or organisation, delivery and support of learning. It is intended to raise standards of work and to make sure everything is done consistently and efficiently. A QAS aims to follow:

  • The setting of performance standards and targets;
  • Implementing processes to achieve the standards;
  • Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the outcomes;
  • Action planning for improvement.

Quality Assurance Systems are the responsibility of all staff and is an integral part of the job of every employee. The key elements of a QRS are as follows:

  • Observation of learning;
  • Programme review and evaluation;
  • Learner surveys;
  • Customer surveys;
  • Internal verification system;
  • Learner entitlements statement;
  • Employer charter;
  • Complaints system;
  • Self Assessment;
  • Development Plan;
  • Operational Plan;
  • Staff Appraisal.